General Information

General Information


Hillander School was started in September, 1961, by Mrs. Marilyn Taubman for her two children and 23 pupils. The school is a non-profit, non-denominational school that begins with the three year old pre-school and continues through the sixth grade.

The Language-Arts curriculum at Hillander School is based on the Carden Method. Our primary goal is to teach the students to think. We approach reading by:

  1. Word analysis based on the sounds of the English letters in their varied combinations.
  2. Rhythmic grouping of words within senteces.
  3. Selection of the key word of each sentence.
  4. Summarization of sentence, paragraph and chapter.

It includes the application of functional grammar and vocabulary development.

The results that we hope to achieve are:

  1. Independent reading.
  2. A high degree of comprehension.
  3. The ability to analyze the material read.
  4. The ability to organize the material read.
  5. Self-reliance from the beginning.

The purpose of the Carden Method is the development of each child at his own rate of learning to his full capacity. Each lesson is a life situation including all social adjustment patterns with the emphasis of the learning situation on the subject being taught.

Our aims for each child are to:

  1. Give the child security in learning.
  2. Teach the child to think.
  3. Develop self-reliance.
  4. Present the reading techniques in such a way that the child understands what he is learning and the purpose of the learning.
  5. Develop good study habits.
  6. Develop a love of reading.
  7. Make the learning experience pleasurable.

Hillander School is departmentalized in physical education, music, art, science, library, and Spanish. Our foreign language begins in full day kindergarten and continues through the Sixth Grade.



Science is introduced in the Third Grade and Computer Literacy is introduced in the Fourth Grade.

We feel that Hillander School offers the children a well-rounded program. The classes are limited to 20/21 students and the classrooms are self-contained in grades one through three. Grade four is semi-compartmentalized. Grades five and six are compartmentalized.

We are proud of what the children are able to accomplish and we urge you to visit with your child’s teacher about the school and your child’s progress.