Field Trips

Field Trip Policy

In grades 2 through 5, field trips will be limited to two field trips per year. For grade 1, students remain on campus, and guest speakers come to the school. Sixth grade field trips will be limited to 5 trips per year. This does not include visiting their future junior high school. No field trip will exceed more than half a day and students must be back on campus by 3:30p.m. for regular dismissal time. All field trips should be appropriate for that particular grade level. There will be no out-of-town field trips during the school week.

Drivers for field trips must submit their driving record from the DPS and a copy of their Declaration of Automobile Policy at least one week prior to a field trip. All students must wear seat belts while riding in your vehicle. Students may not be double buckled while riding in your car because it is against the law. Students less than forty pounds should not be seated in the front seat. 

Please do not bring younger or older siblings on field trips. Your attention should be on assisting the teacher and supervising the students.