Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Hillander builds a strong primary school foundation that will yield future benefits as each child progresses through junior high, high school, and college. At Hillander School, each student will learn how to “learn”, how to achieve at his or her highest level, and how to manage time through structured homework assignments and class projects. The school supports each child’s natural creativity and curiosity through art and science classes. Regular school musical productions, reciting poetry, and verbal book reports all instill self confidence. Every teacher at Hillander views each child as an individual, and strives to encourage and develop each into unique successful individuals. We have the best and most experienced teachers in Midland, Texas. The proof of the quality of a Hillander education is seen in the accomplishments of former students as they progress through high school and on into college and life.

The Hillander School is a non-profit, coeducational school enrolling students from age three through sixth grade. The primary purpose of this organization is to educate students to their fullest potential.