Box Tops

Save General Mills Boxtops

You can help Hillander School by saving Box Tops for Education coupons from various General Mills grocery products, including cereals and snacks.  Each coupon is worth 10 cents!  Imagine the possibilities if all Hillander School families saved these coupons to support your school!

Though you may already know about Box Tops for Education coupons available on many popular food products, did you know that a portion of purchases made from select online retailers like JC Penny, LeapFrog and dozens of others at the Box Tops for Education Marketplace can be credited to the Hillander School?

There is a third way to support the Hillander School through Box Tops for Education.  A portion of purchases from the Box Tops for Education Reading Room also goes back to your school.

To make use of the Box Tops for Education Marketplace and Reading Room, create a Box Tops for Education user profile.

Find out more about Box Tops for Education at General Mills’ Box Tops for Education website and see the list of participating products.